Yamu (ヤム Yamu) is a character of Genshi Shonen Ryu. He is a member of the Big Horn Tribe, serving as one of the tribe's most skilled hunters. He is strongly infatuated with Ran, who was kept as a laborer for the tribe. He also has an immediate hatred for Ryu, discriminating him as a savage because he was raised by an ape.


Yamu first encountered Ryu and Kitty around the cliffs within the Big Horn Tribe's territory, he and his hunting group mistook them as apes and shot arrows at them. Though Ryu and Kitty managed to dodged the arrows, they soon came face to face with Yamu and his group who displayed immediate hostility towards them. Yamu spared them, but warned them should they meet again, he would swiftly execute them.

Yamu later encountered Ryu again in the flower fields when the latter came there to meet with Ran to get medical herbs for Kitty. After a brief brawl, Ryu was caught by the Big Horn Tribe. After bringing Ryu to the Elder, the Elder sentenced Ryu to death by fire, but the wounded Kitty intervened in hopes to save her adoptive son. Yamu and the tribe proceeded to chase Kitty, but are interrupted by the sudden arrival of the Tyranno. Yamu and the rest of the tribe tried to scare off the Tyranno by setting the huts on fire. This tactic proved to be useless and the Tyranno proceeded to slaughter the Big Horn Tribe, including Yamu. In the manga however, Yamu survived and later joined Taka and the Lizard in their hunt for Ryu.