Messa (メッサ Messa) is a minor character of Genshi Shonen Ryu. She was the wife of Chief Amra and they had a son named Ben.

After Amra's long-lost brother Goro resurfaced, her husband was banished from her tribe after losing a duel with a Smilodon and her son was imprisoned for resisting Goro, much to her sadness. Goro forced Messa into serving him as a proxy chief of the Alara Tribe by threatening her that disaster that may befall upon the tribe. She later participated in Ryu's execution where Ryu managed to convince her that she had benn deceived by Goro. During Ryu's duel with a Smilodon, Messa got close to an unaware Goro and snatched Ryu's shiv, throwing it to Ryu who used it to kill the Smilodon. Goro attacked Messa and threatened to have her executed along with Ryu, but it was interrupted by the Tyranno's arrival. When the Tyranno trapped Ryu and Ben in a crevasse, she grabbed a spear and charged head on against the Tyranno. Messa repeatedly stabbed the Tyranno's tail to lure it away while telling her son and Ryu to escape. Unfortunately, the Tyranno spotted her and swatted her with its powerful tail, sending her flying and crashing into the ground. Ryu and Ben were able to rescue the wounded Messa and escaped. Despite being severely weakened by her wounds, Messa soon regains consciousness and reconcile with her son and husband. Messa's sacrifice redeemed Ryu's earlier views of her and convinced him to still look for his mother. Either Messa recovered or succumbed to her injuries remains unknown.


Messa is a middle aged woman with peach skin, purple pupils, and long brown hair. Living in a tribal lifestyle, she wore a ripped crimson loin cloth, exposing the area around her belly, fur skirt, a pair of fur boots, and like her husband, she also wore a tribal necklace made out of animal teeth or claws.


  • Messa's outfit is very similar to the one worn by Loana in the film One Million Years B.C.