Lizard manga

The Lizard is a recurring character that appeared exclusively in the Genshi Shonen Ryu manga. The Lizard is a humanoid reptilian creature and initially there were a pair of these monsters, using Tekedon as bait to capture Ryu and his group. Their plan failed and Kiba managed to kill one of them with his spear. This prompted the surviving one to continually stalk Ryu and his group; he would later join Taka's group to hunt Ryu together. The Lizard shows remarkable ability, such as the strategy planning of traps, the resistance to cold of the mountains, the ability to change color to the point of becoming invisible in the eyes of others and, above all, the ability to communicate telepathically with humans. During the group's final confrontation, the Lizard was incinerated by Ryu's newly acquired laser pistol.