Amra (アムラ Amura) is a minor character of Genshi Shonen Ryu. He was the chief of the Alara Tribe, living with his wife Messa and son Ben.

Amra led a fairly peaceful life with his wife and son, until one fateful day when his long-lost brother Goro resurfaced. Claiming to have "power" from the gods, Goro challenged Amra to duel a Smilodon in single combat to prove himself worthy to remain as the Alara tribe's chief. Despite a valiant effort, Amra was overpowered by the large beast and ultimately lost. Messa was manipulated into serving Goro, while Ben was imprisoned for protesting against him. Injured and left for dead at the Mount of Death, Amra was later rescued by Ryu and his companions Ran and Don. After being treated for his injuries, Amra told Ryu and the others his story of how he was banished from the tribe. Despite his injuries, Amra persisted on rescuing his son, but Ryu backed him down and volunteered to go rescue Ben himself.

While Ryu set off to rescue Ben, Amra along with Ran and Don waited at the White Anthill Shrine for their arrival. Amra was finally reunited with his son as the two embrace each other. Ben then warned Amra that Ryu has been captured and that the Tyranno was heading for the tribe's fort.